Spend and take back

The amazing "Spend & Take Back" campaign is finally here to celebrate your passion for shopping and reward yourself in style!

From April 8 to April 9 , we're giving back 50% of the amount spent on all products in the form of gift cards! For every CHF 50 and multiples spent on all products, we will reward you with one or more vouchers worth CHF 25 each, up to a maximum of 5 vouchers per order.
The more you buy, the more benefits you will get!

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to use your vouchers from April 10th to 30th on all your shopping, including products already on offer.

Here are some practical examples to better understand how it works:

  • Do you place an order worth 65 CHF? You will receive 1 discount voucher of 25 CHF;
  • Do you place an order worth 250 CHF? You will receive 5 discount vouchers of 25.00 CHF each for a total of 125 CHF to be reused in our shop;
  • Do you place an order over 250 CHF? You will still receive 5 discount vouchers of 25 CHF each.

Keep in mind some important caveats:
  • You will receive the 25 CHF discount vouchers by email after completing your order. There could be a few days of waiting;
  • You can use each CHF 25 discount voucher on all purchases in the period between 10.04.2023 and 30.04.2023;
  • Discount vouchers do not give the right to change and are not refundable or divisible;
  • Vouchers can be combined with each other, but remember to respect the validity date.

What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in this unique and convenient shopping experience thanks to the "Spend & Resume" campaign!

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to make your purchases and secure your precious discount vouchers, which will give you back 40% of the amount spent!