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    Discover our exclusive Sicilian Spice Mix, a harmonious selection of six organic seasonings that encapsulate the authenticity and richness of Mediterranean flavours. This unique package allows you to bring all the tradition and quality of Sicily into your kitchen.

    Contents of the Pack

    Organic Sicilian Oregano
    Organic Sicilian Laurel
    Organic Sicilian Rosemary
    Organic Sicilian Sage
    Organic Sicilian Lavender
    Organic Sicilian Chilli

    Common Features:

    100% Sicilian: All spices come from the lush lands of Sicily, cultivated following traditional and organic farming methods.
    Organic: Produced without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, respecting the environment and guaranteeing the highest quality.
    Dried with Branch: The spices are dried with the whole branch to preserve their aroma longer and ensure an intense and long-lasting fragrance.
    Intense and Natural Aromas: Thanks to the natural drying method, these spices keep their organoleptic properties intact, offering a unique sensory experience.

    Benefits for the customer:

    Versatility in the kitchen: This mix is perfect for enriching a wide range of dishes, from meats to vegetables, from soups to desserts, offering endless creative possibilities.
    Health and Well-being: Besides adding flavour to your dishes, these spices are known for their beneficial properties. For example, rosemary is known for its antioxidant properties, while lavender has calming and relaxing effects.
    Bring the essence of Sicilian cuisine straight into your home with the Sicilian Spice Mix. An essential addition for those who love to cook with high-quality ingredients and want to explore the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean tradition. Buy now and transform your every dish into a masterpiece of taste and aroma.




    Bring the authenticity and flavour of Sicily into your kitchen with our Sicilian Spice Mix. Here's how to make the most of each spice included in the pack:

    Organic Sicilian Oregano
    Usage: Oregano is perfect for enriching pizzas, salads, sauces and meat dishes. Just crumble a few dried leaves directly onto your dishes for an explosion of Mediterranean flavour.
    Tip: Try it also in marinades for grilled or baked meats for an extra aromatic touch.

    Organic Sicilian Laurel
    Usage: Bay leaves are ideal for flavouring soups, stews, broths and meat dishes. Add one or two leaves while cooking to infuse an intense and distinctive aroma.
    Tip: Remove the bay leaves before serving the dish, as they are inedible.

    Organic Sicilian Rosemary
    Usage: Rosemary is versatile and can be used to flavour roasted meats, potatoes, breads and sauces. Whole leaves can be added during cooking, or finely chopped for a more distributed flavour.
    Tip: Also try it infused in olive oil to season salads or bruschetta.

    Organic Sicilian Sage
    Usage: Sage is perfect for meat dishes, especially pork and chicken, as well as for flavouring pulses and soups. Add some dried leaves while cooking for a unique, aromatic flavour.
    Tip: Saute it briefly in butter to create a delicious topping for pasta or gnocchi.

    Organic Sicilian Lavender
    Usage: Lavender can be used to flavour cakes, biscuits, ice cream, but also for infusions and teas. Add small amounts to avoid the aroma becoming too dominant.
    Tip: Use it in combination with honey to create icings or to flavour butter.

    Organic Sicilian chilli pepper
    Usage: Chilli pepper adds a spicy touch to sauces, gravies, stews and meat dishes. It can be used whole, chopped or ground depending on the desired level of spiciness.
    Tip: Try it in small doses initially, then gradually add until the desired spiciness is reached.

    General tips:
    Storage: Store the spices in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to best preserve their aroma and flavour.
    Dosage: Start with small quantities and gradually add according to your personal taste. Dried spices are more concentrated than fresh ones, so a little goes a long way.

    Experiment with our Sicilian Spice Mix and let the authentic flavours of Sicily transform your dishes into true works of culinary art. Enjoy!


    Store in a dry, cool place, away from heat sources.

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