San Provino Fair

Dolce Vita Shop is pleased to announce its participation in the San Provino Fair at the "Don Carlo" stand in Viale Filippo Reina. You will find the delicious Dolce&Gabbana Easter cakes and the fine Fiasconaro panettone, together with a vast selection of high-quality products from the Dolce Vita Shop.

The San Provino Fair is one of the most awaited events in the Lugano area, which every year attracts numerous visitors from all over the region. With its stalls, rides, small animal farm and delicious tortelli, the fair has its roots in times long gone, retaining a marked village characteristic.

Its historical importance was confirmed by the concession of the Borgo di Agno in 1518, when the excessive light-heartedness of the festival created some social problems due to hangovers, brawls and challenges unleashed for futile reasons and sometimes due to political differences.

Today the atmosphere has changed and the feast of San Provino has become one of the most genuine annual moments, which help to create the identity of the village. Between rides, swings, bumper cars, shooting and other entertainment, adults and children immerse themselves in a unique experience, enjoying the delicious tortelli and admiring the stalls.

But the real soul of the fair is the popular music and the pleasant chatter of the people, mostly active in the agricultural sector or close to it, coming from all over the Canton. On Monday, thanks to the cattle fair, San Provino rediscovers its rural origins, giving visitors the opportunity to get to know the world of agriculture up close.

The San Provino Fair is an unmissable opportunity to spend a day dedicated to tradition and authenticity, immersed in an atmosphere that smacks of authenticity. All that remains is to book the calendar and participate in this unique event.

San Provino Fair

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