Shipping information



    Shipping throughout Switzerland via and with variable price based on the weight of the parcel:

    • Up to 5Kg CHF 9
    • Up to 10Kg CHF 12
    • Up to 20Kg CHF 15
    • Up to 30Kg CHF 25
    • More than 30Kg CHF 60

    For orders over CHF 80, shipping is free .



    Home delivery is not available.



    It is possible to collect the order directly at our office at no cost. Before making the withdrawal, we ask you to call to have everything ready. It is not a shop open to the public, by appointment only.


    1.4. Delivery of the ordered products

    The ordered products will be delivered to the delivery address provided by the customer.

    Depending on the range and delivery location, the delivery is carried out by Dolce Vita Shop's own delivery service or by one of the various delivery service partners. Delivery is made for individuals at the door of the house and for companies at the respective reception.

    For reasons of quality and safety, Dolce Vita Shop aims to deliver the goods personally to the customer. The customer can specify where the delivery should be deposited if he is absent. In the case of delivery by a delivery service partner, the goods are deposited at the delivery address, usually in front of the house door, in the absence of the customer or the contact person indicated by him.

    When the goods are delivered to the customer or stored, the related benefits and dangers - including, in particular, the risk of theft or damage by third parties or damage caused by atmospheric agents - pass to the customer


    1.5. Delivery times and compliance with delivery terms

    Dolce Vita Shop and its partners make every possible effort to respect the delivery terms. However, all delivery times announced by Dolce Vita Shop are purely indicative. Non-compliance with the delivery terms by Dolce Vita Shop and its delivery partners does not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract or to request compensation.


    1.6. Inability to deliver

    If Dolce Vita Shop and its delivery partners are unable to deliver an order confirmed by Dolce Vita Shop, the latter is not obliged to deliver otherwise. In this case the order will be canceled by Dolce Vita Shop. The customer will be notified by e-mail.

    In this case, the customer has no right to compensation.

    The customer is required to provide truthful information and to comply with its provisions. If the customer violates these provisions and Dolce Vita Shop cannot deliver the order for this reason – the customer's address is incorrect or the customer cannot be found at home even though he does not want the Dolce Vita Shop delivery service to deposit the goods on your door – Dolce Vita Shop is entitled to cancel the order and to request an administrative fee of CHF 50.00.


    1.7. Incomplete fulfillment of the order

    Dolce Vita Shop is committed to supplying all ordered products in sufficient quantities and in high quality. Nevertheless, in exceptional cases it may happen that, for a variety of reasons, the available goods are not sufficient or that it is not possible to authorize their delivery. Dolce Vita Shop therefore reserves the right to make partial deliveries. In this case, the customer will receive notification by e-mail even before the delivery of the goods.

    Products not available at the time of delivery will be shipped later.


    1.8. Delivery costs

    Delivery costs are indicated at the time of ordering. The amount of the delivery costs varies according to the delivery method chosen, the value of the order net of any vouchers and discounts and the frequency of ordering. A minimum order value may apply depending on the range and delivery method.


    1.9. Delivery note and invoice

    Delivery notes and invoices are usually sent electronically.