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The purest saffron

Saffron is the fruit of the refined and patient Persian art of saffron cultivation.

It is grown using natural methods in northeastern Iran, a region where the best saffron in the world is produced thanks to the favorable climate in which the crocus plants grow and the traditional methods of harvesting and drying.

The semi-processing of the product (selection of the best pistils and packaging) takes place in Italy.

Saffron pistil

This saffron differs from what is generally found on the market not only for its noble origins, but above all for the fact that it is made up exclusively of the final, most valuable and valuable part of the red pistils of the Crocus Sativus flower.

It stands out notably for its aroma, flavor and coloring power, qualities that make it the best category of saffron in the world certified according to the international parameters ISO 3623.

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