Egg today or Dove tomorrow? Easter 2024

🌟 Better the Egg today or the Dove tomorrow? 🌟

To celebrate Easter, Dolce Vita presents an exclusive promotion: "Egg today or Dove tomorrow?". From 1st to 30th March, you will have the opportunity to choose between an immediate 20% discount on your purchase or a 50% gift voucher to use afterwards, as a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and to share in the joy of the festivities.

🎁 How does it work? 🎁

  • 🥚Do you want to enjoy the discount right away? Use the code #uovooggi at checkout to apply an immediate 20% discount on your purchase. Simply enter the code in the dedicated box on the checkout page and the discount will be automatically applied to your order total.
  • 🕊️Would you prefer a greater advantage for your future purchases? Choose the 50% gift voucher with the code #colombadomani. For every CHF 50 spent, you will receive a CHF 25 voucher, up to a maximum of 5 vouchers per order.

🛍️ Practical examples

🥚Option #uovooggi:

  • Order 50 CHF = pay only 40 CHF
  • Order 100 CHF = pay only 80 CHF

🕊️Option #colombadomani:

  • Order 50 CHF = 1 voucher of 25 CHF.
  • Order of 65 CHF = 1 voucher for 25 CHF.
  • Order of 250 CHF = 5 vouchers of 25 CHF each, total of 125 CHF.
  • Order over 250 CHF = max. 5 vouchers of 25 CHF.

✨ Important details: ✨

  • Collect Vouchers: Vouchers can be obtained for all orders placed from 1 to 31 March
  • Receive Vouchers: After you have made your purchase, the vouchers are sent to you by email within 3 working days.
  • Use of the Vouchers: The vouchers are valid for the entire month of April, from 1 to 30, giving you wide freedom of choice on how and when to spend them. They are applicable on all expenditure, including products already on offer, thus offering you maximum flexibility.
  • Voucher conditions: Each 25 CHF voucher requires a minimum spend of 50 CHF to be redeemed. Vouchers are non-refundable and give no change. Remember to redeem your vouchers within the validity period in order not to miss this exceptional opportunity.

🌟 Don't Wait, Start Shopping Now! 🌟

With "Egg today or Dove tomorrow?", every choice becomes sweeter. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to delight yourself with our Sicilian handcrafted products and experience an unforgettable Easter. Dolce Vita Shop is here to make every moment special!