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    Discover Pappardelle all'Uovo, a generously sized pasta with a flat ribbon shape, enriched by the addition of fresh eggs. This detail not only gives the pasta a golden colour and richer texture, but also intensifies the flavour, making it perfect for the most savoury sauces.

    Pappardelle all'Uovo go wonderfully well with creamy cheese sauces or robust game sauces such as wild boar or hare. Their wider width compared to other flat pastas allows them to better hold these rich sauces, ensuring that every bite is an explosion of flavour.

    With a cooking time of just 6 minutes, Pappardelle all'Uovo are ideal for those looking to prepare an elegant and refined dish in no time. Perfect for a special dinner party or to impress guests, these pappardelle offer a luxurious and memorable dining experience.


    durum wheat semolina, eggs, water


    Pappardelle all'Uovo are an excellent choice for enhancing rich and tasty dishes. Here are some perfect ways to use this refined and versatile pasta:

    Game sauces: Egg pappardelle are particularly suitable for robust sauces made with wild boar or hare meat. Their large, porous surface holds thick, intense sauces beautifully, allowing each flavour to shine through.

    Creamy Condiments: Take advantage of pappardelle's compatibility with cream cheese-based sauces. Experiment with a renewed carbonara or a gorgonzola and walnut sauce for a meal that satisfies the palate with richness and depth.

    Truffle dishes: Combine egg pappardelle with black or white truffles for a luxurious dish. The delicate flavour of the eggs in the pasta perfectly complements the intense aroma of the truffles.

    Ragu Ricchi: Serve pappardelle with a traditional Italian meat sauce, such as Bolognese. The texture of the pasta ensures that each ribbon blends perfectly with the meat sauce, creating a delicious balance between pasta and sauce.


    In a cool, dry place away from heat sources

    Nutritional values

    Energy value 359kcal - 1521kJ
    Fats 1.5g
    of which saturated fatty acids 0.3g
    Carbohydrates 73g
    of which Sugars 2.4g
    Protein 12g
    Salt 0g
    Fibre 2.6g

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